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Year History

Lutterworth Sports Centre changes it's opening hours meaning the club loses it's pool slot of Tuesdays at 21:00.

The club chooses to move it's club night to a Wednesday, to meet at Stoney Cove for night dives and at the Olde Royal Oak on other weeks.


Covid-19 stops all training and cancels most trips.


Anonymous donations made by 2 club members to allow the club to buy it"s own Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


Chilly Dips electronics are upgraded to include a side scan sonar unit, making it easier to find dive sites and track divers.

BSACs BuddyGuard welfare policy officially adopted by the club.


Theory lessons and the club meeting are moved to the Crèche in the Sports Centre so that club night is all under a singe roof.


The club hosted an evening of talks with Jack Ingle, attended by many members and other divers from the midlands. The evening raised £350 for the DLRAA.

The year also saw the 4th 24 hour sponsored snorkel around Stoney Cove, raising even more money for the DLRAA


A motion to amend the minimum junior age to 12 years was successfully passed at a Special General Meeting


The club buys a brand new boat (as planned) to replace "Lucky Dip" and names her "Chilly Dip" to continue with a theme.


Both of the club boats (Lucky and Skinny) are completely re-wired to make the electrics reliable again.


We held our 3rd 24hour Sponsored Snorkel around Stoney Cove

Club Membership was held at over 80 members


Clubs purchases a second RIB and runs a record amount of trips

Club membership tops an all time high of 80+ members


Club holds a 24 Hour sponsored swim around Stoney Cove to raise money for the Flying Ambulance


Swift Diver the clubs inflatable boat is completely overhauled and received plenty of use


The clubs add to the training kit to make 11 complete sets of aqua lungs


The clubs new 5.8m Humber destroyer is named Lucky Dip. The official launch is held at Stoney Cove, with Lizzie Bird (BSAC National Diving Officer) as guest


Ted Williams becomes the clubs second honorary member

Club is successful in Lottery bid and is granted aid in buying a RIB

Standing Order made available to pay membership fees

Proposal to admit non-BSAC members is rejected.

Club raises £1263 in cycle ride and donates £632 to the RNLI


Sheila Brown travels to Tanzania for Marine survey project.

Club campaigns against Harborough District council and helps to convince them that Lutterworth deserves a deep pool in the proposed leisure centre.


Swift Diver is fitted with a new Mariner engine

Club magazine given the name FREEFLOW

Swift Diver trailer goes diving at Brixham during Easter trip.

LSAC website created

Membership numbers reach 70


First club members become qualified as Nitrox Divers using IANTD scheme

Club decides to buy a RIB, fund raising committee established headed by Helen Cook.

Kilworth springs golf club used for the first time as venue for Annual Dinner. Bob Boler (BSAC National Diving Officer) is invited as guest speaker.


Helena Dunleavy receives the first Brian Maton award

Paul Gardiner receives the first Novice Diver of the year award.

Old diving kit auctioned as club standardises training on new aqualungs.

Alex Bullard becomes first club member to join area coaching scheme

Club library created using 50's club lottery funds

Club uses new BSAC Try-Dive format to attract new members.

80 people try on an aqualung in the swimming pool.

BSAC approve the use of Nitrox for Sport diving.

Decision taken to only use NQI's for training

LSAC carnival float narrowly misses winning prize at the Lutterworth carnival

Membership reaches a total of 60


Brian Maton dies. An award is created in his memory, presented each year to the club diver who has simply "enjoyed their diving".

Club receives Sports aid grant and purchases a modern set of stab jackets, demand valves and cylinders.

LS-AC runs first branch trips to islay and Ireland


Oxygen administration equipment purchased.

Alex Bullard becomes the clubs first Advanced Instructor

The club equipment shed is positioned to ease storage


Swift Diver - an Avon inflatable is purchased along with a Yamaha engine, the Trailer comes later in the year.

LSAC runs first branch trip to Scapa Flow

Club membership reaches 50


12 club members are served Court summons by Roger Webber (Skipper of the Excaliber) The conflict is settled out of court.

Liz Cessford suffers mild DCS 3 days after the completion of a weeks diving. "Computer hopping" was the possible cause.


Jane Lilley wins Trainee Diver of the year award

First Club members attend a Boat Handling course at Rutland water

Club makes the decision to buy a boat.

The first in-house Lifesaver course in run

All club ABLJ's are fitted with direct feeds

Alex Bullard becomes a Club Instructor

Club annual membership fees raised from £6 to £15

Reg Ward resigns from the committee and becomes the clubs first honorary member.

Club membership reaches 30


Club dive at Swithland woods, 1 day later after mild pains Carl Gamble becomes first club member to be treated for DCS. The dive was within the BSAC '88 tables.

Paul Dane and Denise Evans become married and leave the club.

Nigel Spickett becomes Chairman, Neil Tomlin becomes Diving Officer

LSAC runs first branch trip to Hurghada to dive the Red Sea

Club membership level reaches 25


Dosthill opens as another alternative dive site

BSAC tables launched

AGM records the loss of Steve Briggs (who joins the navy), Paul Dane becomes Diving Officer. New intake sees Jane Lilley, Jill Monk and Nigel Spickett join the club.

Vicar of Gilmorton makes memorable Club Dinner speech


The rudder is fitted to "Bobs wreck" at Stoney Cove

The first "no-limitation to numbers" Easter trip is organised - 18 members and family attend the trip to Brixham.

Bob Liscoe's "Black Pig" has her wooden spine broken during diving at Plymouth.

Bob Liscoe dies of a sudden heart attack in July.

Steve Briggs becomes Diving Officer in addition to Training Officer.


Club compressor sold

Club helps out as rescue team at Misterton raft race using Bob Liscoe's "Black Pig" inflatable boat as support.

Guildenburgh opens as new training site.

The Deco-Brain dive computer comes on the market, followed by The Edge.


Membership falls to 20 as further members leave, unhappy with emphasis on training new members. Steve and Tracey Briggs become part of training team.

New intake includes Neil Tomlin, Carl Gamble and Andrew Watson.


Roatan reconnaissance takes place with LSAC members Brian Weller, Roger Cooper, Bob and Chris Liscoe plus Jane Ledley making the journey.

Motion to join BSAC accepted

Pro BSAC voters included Stuart & Jenny Cessford, Alex Bullard and Howard Cogan.

Resignations were received from Brian Weller, Roger Cooper, The Goulds, Tony Brooks, Barry Frost and others.

Stuart Cessford hands over to Bob Liscoe as Diving Officer


Roger Cooper announces plans for Operation Raleigh reconnaissance of Roatan in the Caribbean.

Motion to join BSAC defeated


Liscoe family involved with excavation of Mary Rose prior to her raising.


Motion to join BSAC defeated


Alpha Divers formed. This was a splinter group from Rugby sub-aqua club which included the Liscoe family and Reg Ward.

Alpha Divers turned into a private company with commercial interests. Bob, Steve and Chris Liscoe join LSAC along with Reg Ward.

LSAC membership rises to 30 members


Brian Weller recruits qualified local divers to form the Lutterworth sub-aqua club

By common consent the club is affiliated to the Sub Aqua Association (SAA) due to anti BSAC feelings.


Brian Weller leaves Rugby sub-aqua club

Get In Touch With Us

By Email: info@lsac.co.uk

By Phone: 07365 207708

When And Where We Meet:
Wednesdays from 19:00
At The Olde Royal Oak, Bitteswell
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Diving and Dive Trips

Dive Trips Calendar

29th March - 1st April 2024

19th to 21st April
Capernwray - Rescue Skills Refresher

24th May to 27th May 2024
Farne Islands

14th to 17th June 2024
West Bay

Several days most weeks
Stoney Cove

Events and Socials

Events and Socials

10th February 2024
Annual Dinner
The Olde Royal Oak, Bitteswell

6th March 2024
Curry Night
Sunargow Broughton Astley

26th June 2024
Go Karting
Sutton Circuit

10th July 2024
Curry Night
Sunargow Broughton Astley

4th August 2024
Rutland Outdoor Swim
Rutland Waters

10th August 2024
Treasure Hunt

23rd October 2024
Tenpin Bowling