Name Description Download
Dive Marshall Slate Dive log sheets for handing to the D.O. Adobe Reader file  Microsoft Excel file

Trip Organising

Name Description Download
Organisers Guide The complete trip organisers guide Adobe Reader file
Trip Booking Form Dive trip booking form Microsoft Word file Adobe Reader file
Costing Spreadsheet Calculate trip costs/expenses Microsoft Excel file
Risk Assessments Club risk assessments WinZip file
Casualty Assessment Form A copy of the BSAC March 2009 form Adobe Reader file
Chart Library List of charts available to borrow from the club Microsoft Word file
Waypoints A list of useful waypoints Microsoft Excel file
Charter Boat Check List Check list when organising charter boats Microsoft Word file
Shore Diving Check List Check list when organising shore dives Microsoft Word file
Club Boat Check List Check list when organising trips using the club boat Microsoft Word file


Name Description Download
Scuba Diving Self Certification Medical Form Scuba diving medical form for if you are able to self-certify Adobe Reader file
Scuba Diving Self Certification FAQs FAQs on scuba diving self certification Microsoft Word file
Snorkelling Self Certification Medical Form Snorkelling medical form for if you are able to self-certify Adobe Reader file


Name Description Download
Club Library List Books and videos available to club members Microsoft Word file
LSAC Demand Valves Instructions for using demand valves in cold water Adobe Reader file

If anyone else has any files they would like posting, please contact the webmaster.

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Get In Touch With Us

By Email: info@lsac.co.uk

By Phone: 07365 207708

When And Where We Meet:
Wednesdays from 19:00
At The Olde Royal Oak, Bitteswell
How to Find Us

Diving and Dive Trips

Dive Trips Calendar

Thu 14 - Mon 18 April 2022

Wed 18 - Wed 25 May 2022
West Bay

Wed 01 - Wed 08 June 2022

Sat 13 - Sat 20 August 2022
Baltimore (Co. Cork)

Wed 14 - Thu 22 September 2022
St Abbs

Wed 05 - Wed 12 October 2022
Red Sea

Most Fridays plus other days
Stoney Cove

Scapa Flow


Events and Socials

Events and Socials

Wed 09 February 2022
Quiz Night

Sat 05 March 2022
Dive Show at Stoneleigh

Wed 06 April 2022
Curry Night

Wed 27 April 2022
EGM - Future Direction of LSAC

Sat 16 July 2022
Summer BBQ

Wed 28 September 2022

Wed 25 January 2023
Annual Dinner