A Few Pictures Of Stoney Cove

View of Stoney Cove 1 View of Stoney Cove 2 Stoney Cove Mini Overhead view of Stoney Cove Divers at Stoney Cove

Stoney Cove Waypoints - Bearings and Distances

Navigating the features in Stoney Cove isn't always as simple as you might think, especially if the visibility isn't great. It can be useful to plan a route using multiple waypoints before jumping in, and to that end here is a few approximate bearings/distances that we have collected over the years. If you find any to be inaccurate or have any additions then please let us know.

Stoney Cove Waypoints - Bearings and Distances
Starting At Aiming To Reach Approximate Bearing (°) Reciprocal Bearing (°) Approximate Distance (m)
APC Ejector Seat 240 060 20
Belinda APC 170 350 10
Belinda Mini 2 260 080 20
Bus Stop Viscount 165 345
Cairn Bus 100 280 10
Slipway Wessex 215 035
Slipway Viscount 290 110
Stanegarth (Bow) Bus 330 150 15
Stanegarth (Bow) Hydrobox (20m) 260 080 30
Stanegarth (Bow) Wessex 080 260 25
Stanegarth (Stern) Belinda / APC 150 330 15
Stanegarth (Stern) Defiant (Bow) 130 310 15
Stanegarth (Stern) Mini 1 / Smart Car 220 040 25
Stanegarth (Stern) Wessex 050 230 20
Van Defiant 240 060 15
Van Belinda 260 080 25
Wessex Defiant 180 0 20
Wessex Land Rover 320 140 15
Wessex Van 140 320 15

Stoney Cove Typical Water Temperatures

The water temperature at Stoney Cove typically lags behind seasonal temperatures by a couple of months, making March the coldest month to jump in.

The temperature also varies with depth, to give you an idea of how many thermals you might need, we have gone through our dive logs to provide water temperatures on the different shelves.

Stoney Cove Temperatures - Surface, 7m, 22m and 36m shelves
MonthSurface (°C)7m (°C)22m (°C)36m (°C)

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