Ready to take the plunge? Membership and Training Costs

BSAC Membership:

Includes third party diving insurance. Full members receive 12 issues of Scuba magazine (students/juniors receive an electronic copy).

LSAC Membership:

For full and abated members this is normally paid by monthly standing order to spread the cost out over the year.

Annual Costs
Membership Type Full Joint (Same Household) Student / Junior
BSAC Membership £62.50 £43.50 £33.00
LSAC Membership 12x £10 12x £10 12x £5
Total £182.50 £163.50 £93.00

Additional Diving Costs


Medicals can normally be self-certified, however in some circumstances a full medical may have to be carried out by a medical referee from a specified list. This could cost up to £60 so is worth checking before going ahead.

Stoney Cove:

As a club we tend to use Stoney Cove for a lot of our open water training, it's not the only place you'll go but it is convenient to do at least some of your training there. Entry normally costs £18 a day, this is reduced to £12 if you join their diverlog scheme (which costs £30 for 24 months).


Generally speaking you will need to get a cylinder filled before or after every dive, the cost of a fill varies depending on the filling station and the size of cylinder but expect something in the region of £4.


If you are just starting out and are taking the "kit contribution" option then you will be able to borrow most things. The biggest exception to this is a dry suit. Many people also prefer to get their own mask, fins and snorkel rather than using the shared club kit.

As you progress you will probably find you want to start collecting all of your own kit. Some example prices are shown below although prices vary significantly. Remember that it is advisable to get some 2nd hand kit serviced before use, which incurs an additional cost. If you're not sure what to get then there are plenty of people in the club who will be willing to give advice.

Approximate Kit Costs
Item Cost new Cost 2nd hand Service Cost
Dry Suit or Semi Dry Suit £400 / £175 £200 / £100  
Mask * £25 £10  
Pool Fins * £25 £10  
Snorkel * £5 £5  
Stab Jacket (BCD) * £300 £50  
12l Cylinder * £150 £60 £40
Regulators (Demand Valve) * £250 £100 £70
Dive Computer * £150 £100  
Weight Belt and Lead * £60 £40  
Open Heel (Dry Suit) Fins £20 £10  
Gloves £15 £10  
Hood £15 £10  

* Available to borrow from the club


The club runs lots of trips to the UK coast, there are no definitive costs but we always strive to keep expenses to a minimum. The club also organises trips abroad, often on liveaboards, costs for these trips are normally defined in advance.

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