As a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) we are able to offer two different snorkelling courses.

Dolphin Snorkeller

The Dolphin Snorkeller course is an entry level course for youngsters (8 years and above), it introduces snorkelling in a series of 7 progressive, fun and practical sessions.

Each session teaches a new skill and includes a game at the end which demonstrates the skill learnt:

  • Basic water confidence
  • Fitting and clearing of mask and snorkel
  • Fitting fins and finning techniques
  • Surface dives
  • Entries and exits
  • Buddy pairs
  • Buddy rescue

The sessions are named after different dolphins and completion of a session results in the award of a corresponding dolphin sticker. Once snorkellers have collected all 7 stickers they are awarded the grade of BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller.

Snorkel Diver

The snorkel diver course is open to anyone 12 years or above and includes of 3 theory lessons covering:

  • An introduction to LSAC
  • The course and costs
  • The snorkelling kit used for the course
  • The science of snorkelling
  • Safety with buddy pairs
  • Surface cover
  • Site assessment
  • Marine conservation

The theory lessons are followed by an assessment (either a multi choice paper or verbal assessment, or as a fun quiz for younger members).

The course also has 5 pool sessions covering:

  • Introduction to snorkelling equipment and usage
  • Different finning techniques
  • Types of entry/exit
  • Mask and snorkel clearing
  • Ear clearing
  • Buddy rescue

Dolphin snorkellers who later wish to become a snorkel diver only need complete the theory part of this course.

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Events and Socials

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EGM - Future Direction of LSAC

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