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"Free Flow" is the LSAC club magazine and is provided here in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf), simply click the issue number or cover picture to view (or right click - "save target as" to save).

Any articles / content that you would like to see published should be passed to Jon Nichols.

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Issue: 148
June 2011
Cover: Anonymous
Free Flow issue 148
Photographs - Basic Post processing

Issue: 147
May 2011
Cover: Clark Duncan
Free Flow issue 147
Miss Blaby Try Dive

Issue: 146
April 2011
Cover: Dave Goddard
Free Flow issue 146
Bonus Ball Competition

Issue: 145
March 2011
Cover: Phil Turney
Free Flow issue 145
Rebreather Designer Dies
Photographs What Do You Do With Them
Children and Diving