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Impressions of a Dive Trip Virgin

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Arrived on Friday Night expecting to hear of all the dives I had missed during the day. Found most of the trippers on the bar (but divers don't drink the night before they go diving …. Do they!). They were being 'entertained' by 'Little Miss Dynamite' I'm told she took a particular liking to Carl.. but that's another story.

The Friday dives? - unfortunately 'blown out'… so I hadn't missed anything yet.

Saturday - Overcast but dry. Trip planned to Low Lee Ledges and the Primrose. I was buddied up with Richard Smart and we were scheduled on the second wave. I missed the launch but got there, kitted up, and waited (lots of waiting to do on these trips!). Lucky Dip came back first with reports of the engine on Lady Laura ' misbehaving' (I thought that was unheard of). So Lady Laura stood off the beach and her second wave divers were ferried out to her. Finally we got onto Lucky Dip, out to the site, got kitted up (hmm.. glad they recommended seasick tablets - wonder if they come in stronger doses).

Dropped over the side & down the line, bit murky but there were things to see - mainly covered in weed (I didn't realise that it was the wreck there as well as the reef!).

Followed the line round looking at the wildlife etc, had a look at the canon, and finally when my air was down, Richard deployed the DSMB and up we came. The boat picked us up, de-kitted and got back on board. First sea dive completed and no dramas! The conditions weren't favourable so no second dive. Back to the caravans via an air fill.

Sunday: Volnay - from Porthoustock

I was on the second wave again (or at least I thought I was) so a nice relaxed start got me down in time to see the first wave off…. But when I got there I found I was in the first wave, but a mad panic got me (and Jon - who was my buddy) loaded on Lady Laura.

With local knowledge from Phil we managed to put the shot right on the boilers. This time there was no question we were on a wreck! The visibility was good and both dives that day were excellent. There was plenty of sea life down there. After the first dive Mark & I went for some air and that took so long that it was another panic to get in for the second - but we got on. On the second dive I took some snaps - there was fish as well - when I get better with the camera I might get a picture of them!

Sea Urchins

Sunday night communal dinner in Penzance.

Monday - Blown out, wind had gone round to the SouthEast and strengthened. Some went walking (Mousehole to Lamorna Cove) the Pasties were great in the café - but most got soaked on the way back! - but the beer in the pub was good!


Tuesday - Another day succumbed to the weather. This time there were visits to St Ives and then down to


A bit of kite flying on the beach - a bit of body surfing and then back to the caravans to prepare for (hopefully) a day of diving.

Wednesday - Volnay and Mohegan.

The weather had finally improved and we were diving again (this time Stuart Price had to put up with me as a buddy) The visibility wasn't quite as good on the Volnay as before but still a very enjoyable dive. In the afternoon we went out to the Manacles and explored the Mohegan, a vast wreck with plenty of sea life to see - we hardly explored much of it at all, I must revisit it sometime.

Work beckoned for me (the next day) so I missed the last night's entertainment (Quiz Night) in the caravan park. But I'm told that the club members gave a good showing taking 1st 2nd and 3rd in the quiz, and taking the top prize in the 'Play your Cards right' competition.

So at the end of the day:

150 dives successfully completed and a few (diving) virgins broken in.

Several cases of seasickness (mainly on Saturday); 1 misbehaving engine - which cured itself; 1 lost weightbelt; 1 blown out hose; 1 subsurface freeflow; 1 sinus abort; 1 duff air. But the real duffer of the weekend must go to the diver who found a 'treasure' on the Volnay, stuffed it inside their jacket - but managed to loose it before they got to the surface!

And also Rachael was introduced to the delights of beer - and by the looks of it she was enjoying it!

Starting Young!

Now where is that trip list for the rest of the year?


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