Dive Leader - Practical Lessons

DP1 - Dive Management 1

Lesson Objectives

During Sports Diver training, students were introduced to dive marshalling activities when they acted as an Assistant Dive Manager. This lesson builds on and expands this experience to encompass all the responsibilities of a Dive Manager. This is done by students 'shadowing' their instructor, and being involved in all the activities necessary to plan and manager a days diving at a site known to the branch. The objective is to fully prepare the student to take on the role of Dive Manager.

Achievement Targets

At the end of this lesson students should:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Dive Manager
  • Understand the scope of activities necessary to plan and manage a branch dive to a dive site known to the branch
  • Understand the planning and preparation necessary in advance of the dive
  • Understand the considerations for safe diving operations at the dive site
  • Understand how to ensure adequate dive monitoring
  • Understand how to delegate activities

DP2 - Dive Management 2

Lesson Objectives

This lesson follows as a repeat of the content of Dive Management 1, but with the student taking the lead role and the instructor providing support. It provides further consolidation of the aspects covered in the previous lesson while enabling the student to take much more responsibility for making the diving happen.

Achievement Targets

At the end of this lesson students should:

  • Be competent and confident in their abilities to perform the role of Dive Manager for diving at sites known to the branch including:
    • Identifying the scope of activities necessary
    • Carrying out the necessary planning and preparation in advance of such dives
    • Identifying and accommodating all considerations for safe diving operations at the dive site
    • Ensuring adequate dive monitoring
    • Delegating activities

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