AO1 - Diving and Rescue Skills Review

  1. Briefing
  2. Kit up and buddy check
  3. Entry
  4. Mask Clearing - 20m
    • Partial Mask Clear (Optional)
    • Full Flood (Optional)
    • Remove and Replace
  5. AS ascents from 20m
  6. Weight check with low cylinder contents - 2m depth
  7. Weight/weightbelt jettison - standing depth
    • A casualty’s weights/weightbelt
    • Own weights/weightbelt
  8. Exit
  9. Surface rescue skills
    • Rope throw
    • Surface buoyancy
  10. Debrief

AO2 - Rescue Skills and Management Review

  1. Briefing
  2. Kit up and buddy check
  3. Entry
  4. Rescue from 20m
    • CBL
    • Secure casualty at surface
    • Support incorporating RB for 1 minute
    • Remove casulaty to point of safety, towing casualty for approximately 50m, assist in recovery from water and provide aftercare as relevant. During the tow, rescuer frequently checks direction of tow.
  5. Exit
  6. Rescue management
  7. Debrief

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