Past Trips - Red Sea 2000

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On the of 7 May 12 intrepid divers from the Lutterworth Sub Aqua Club set of on a mission. A mission to enjoy a weeks warm water diving. The destination being the Red Sea.

The holiday started of with a mini bus ride down to Gatwick Airport. In true style a number of alcoholic beverages were consumed whilst waiting to board the plane. There was also a frantic buying, of above knowing that such luxuries would not be available on the liver-board the 'Mahe Tours'; and the purchase of such essentials would be impossible at Sharm el Sheik. It would have been a real crime if we were sober all week!

Once aboard the plane there was the thought of 'would this bird get of the ground', having seen all the dive luggage destined to go in the hold, it does make you think!

It was now time to sit back and relax whilst the 'Trolley Dollies' made there endless passes up and down the plane cabin trying to sell the goods, without a lot of success, but more successfully managing to sell more alcoholic beverages to a bunch of rowdy divers; and of course what flight wouldn't be complete without those wonderful in flight meals.

Around 10 P.M. Egyptian time and touch down at Sharm El Sheik airport, now for the hassle of purchasing visas and going through passport control. Having put all of that behind us it was on to a rickety mini bus that wouldn't have passed an MOT at the dogiest of back street garages back in England.

By some chance we made it to 'Narma Bay' having encountered the same useless rep from Regal Holidays as we did the year previous! (Jackie). It was now onto the Mahe Tours, only to find that we hadn't got Aron the same dive guide as we had the year previous. We were a little spectical but James was every bit as good, offering good dive briefs, and maintaining some sense of order and discipline.

Eventually we settle down on the boat in an attempt to get some sleep after the long days journey. Drifting off into sleep thinking of the next day ahead, hardly able to wait until it was time to get into that clear blue water.

Day one, and we eventually depart Narma Bay and of to the first dive site. This was a warm up dive to sort out weights and see how good we were before we would be let loose onto the more pristine coral. What a difference it was to dive in warm waters with visibility over 10 meters and an abundant amount of fish life. The journey of the day before was now paling into insignificance.

On the live-aboard life was so hard, not! The order of the day was something along the lines of, get up (sometimes fairly early to catch tides or have dives to our selves) have a dive. Un-kit have breakfast, which would already be prepared upon surfacing. Then it was time to lie down on the sun deck and perhaps a sleep before receiving the next dive briefing. Kit up again for the next dive, Come up for Lunch then another sleep and yet another dive; and if we were really lucky, this would be followed by a fourth dive. It was then to bed for the night, before starting all over again.

The most remarkable things are:

-The abundant amount and variety of fish and coral life

-The visibility which on some dives were in excess of 30 meters

-And of course dives are that interesting and relaxing that an hours plus dives time were not uncommon.

It is also quite remarkable to notice the contrast between the life underneath to that of the surrounding coast line which so bare and barron. Diving without a hood and gloves or dry suit is also a big bonus. On the down side, well there isn't really a down side, perhaps the fact that the climate necessitates that you need to drink copious amounts of water.

After six days of diving it was back onto terra firma for 24 Hours of decompression, and to wind away the time it was time to go quad biking across the dessert. This little excursion was meant to be a four trek but was was successfully 'cocked up' by the wonderful rep, Thanks Jackie.

The holiday went very smoothly, and was a thoroughly enjoyable week with some impressive stats:

No of average divers per person


Kit break downs


Lost divers


Computer lock out


And of course a mention

Andrew with his pink wet suit!

Forgotten equipment

One wet suit boot

Pictures Taken


Longest Dive Time

72 Minutes

Members On trip

Neil Brown

Sheila Brown

Ian Jennings

Andrew Jacks

Ann Jacks

Anne Lidington

Angela Reed

Sarah Coulon

Mannie Coulon

Mark Woodwood

Paul Gardiner

Michele Alarangues

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