Past Trips - Pembroke 2001


Pembroke Dive Trip May 26/27/28th 2001


After the usual mad dash down and quick pint or two on Friday night all

Eleven divers were ready and willing to go on Saturday morning.

Pembroke Dive charters were looking after us and we had an unusual rib more designed for bird watching than diving but the seats made the ride that bit smoother as it was a bit lumpy 3-4 on the trip out.

Our skipper was unfortunately Alan, who despite being a likeable bloke couldn't read things such as GPS or a compass! And as there was very limited visibility due to the fog we lost all the other boats and steamed around in circles for a good hour or so until ending up near Skomer for our first dive.

Dive 1 a scenic wall dive at between 10 -30m, plenty of life but lots of plankton bloom making the viz. a little cloudy but an enjoyable first dip.

Packed lunches were eaten whilst moored up along 2 other ribs in a calm bay.

The second dive of the day was the wreck of the Angelica along side the cliffs, dived at 10m with a swell and on the turn of the tide we had a good spread of SMBs and depths down to 28m some found all the wreck as it was well scattered others were not so lucky!

The day was finished of with a group meal at a local hotel.

Day 2 saw even worse sea conditions but after a long trawl we arrived on the Lucy. Everyone had a good look round despite very poor light and viz.

A great wreck that still looks something like a ship. Back to port for lunch and a somewhat smaller group did an afternoon dive on the Behar. Lots of plate to see at depths to 15m and another day finished off in the pub.

Day 3 was a complete blow out finished there and then.

Many thanks to John Lester for his superb organisation all weekend shame he couldn't fix the weather.

Richard Smart

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