Learn to Dive With LSAC

As a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) we follow a training syllabus where the qualifications earned are recognised worldwide.

We train anyone from 12 years of age however we do ask a parent or legal guardian to join with under 18s (at a minimum grade of social member). We also require proof of age for junior members.

New To Diving

For newcomers we would recommend taking a try dive prior to starting training, this will allow you to confirm that scuba diving is for you prior to spending time and money on a course.

The BSAC entrance level is Ocean Diver which provides training on the basic skills both in the classroom and in the swimming pool. This ensures your knowledge and practical ability is of a high standard before you venture out into open water. Most training is carried out on a 1 to 1 basis, the instructors are volunteers within the club and will help you progress at a rate that suits you. Once you have learnt the basics, training is continued in open water, this is often at Stoney Cove which offers an ideal training site, it also has the advantage of being close by!

The club has 11 full sets of scuba equipment which are available for use during training until you reach Sports Diver level (subject to a small one off contribution). We encourage you to purchase your own kit at a steady rate such that by the time you have reached Sports Diver it is likely you will own most items already, if you do find yourself short of anything then club kit may still be hired at a rate of £2 per item.

Existing Divers

For people who already hold a scuba diving qualification (from any agency) the good news is that we recognise your qualification and experience and you can go diving with us straight away. For those that want to continue learning, we can provide a statement of alternative training after which our diving and training officers will recommend the course that will best suit your needs.

More Than Diving

We also offer BSAC Skill Development Courses such as boat handling, diver coxswain, chartwork and position fixing, first aid for divers, buoyancy and trim workshops, oxygen administration and underwater photography - wherever your diving interests head we will have something to suit!