Past Trips - Estartit 2002


I am going on holiday according to mummy and daddy,

I fell asleep in the car.

Now I am on a coach, this is really exciting. I am high up and can see lots,

I'm bored… I want to get out.

Now I am out of the car seat I can sit like a grown up with a real seat belt, its great.

I'm bored……I want to explore.

Now that I am out of the seat I can really wriggle about and have lots of fun. Can't get mummy and daddy to play though.

Ate chocolate all the way to Manchester.

Airports are great; lots of room to run around in and the floors are really dirty.

Aeroplanes are great, lots of people to smile at.

Fell asleep on the plane.

Woke up at Gatwick, take off is really exciting. Mummy can do a funny trick by going very pale and shaking. Daddy says I am going to the moon!!

I'm bored; I want to get out. I don't care if the captain says I have to wear a safety belt - I DON'T WANT TOO!

Landings are really exciting - bump, bump, bump - Do it again!

It's past my bedtime and I am still on a coach. I want to go to bed.

Where am I? - woke up in a strange room, concrete floors really hurt if you fall out of bed.

What's that funny noise? Daddy says that it is the sea but it should not be that loud - No diving today.

Went to see the sea - apparently divers do this, the sea is huge with big white waves crashing towards me, no way am I going in there!

Went to the beach today, it was great. I can run far away and pretend not to hear mummy and daddy calling me.

Played with my new bucket and spade - its amazing what you can do with sand although it doesn't taste nice.

Daddy went diving today - didn't notice him go.

Spain is really good; I can play with Robin and Natalie, play with sand, and play in our big apartment.

Where's Daddy going?


Rachael Tomlin (2 ½)

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Sat 09 - Sun 10 March 2019
Menai Strait Run (RIB)

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Events and Socials

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